Warning Signs You Need to Quit Weed

When it comes to marijuana addiction, the verdict is confusing at best. Those set on demonizing any and every drug use will often mix truth with myth and offer no real help. In turn, marijuana advocates put weed on a pedestal and spread the rumor that addiction is never an option, which is just as false and harmful as what the other guys are doing,

The truth is that, while marijuana is not likely to cause any physical addictions, it is psychologically addictive. And though you can’t know for sure if you’re psychologically addictive through the internet, you can take the time to read the warning signs that your habit is getting out of hand:

You Can No Longer Control It

One of the most typical signs that you’ve become addicted is when you live and breathe to use your drug of choice. But since it’s a progressive process, it’s hard to see in real life. A good idea is to look at the progression of your use and compare it to what you do today. If, at first, it was something occasional and now you can’t go a day without feeling the need to smoke, to the point when you’re sneaking a puff in places where you know you shouldn’t be doing it, you’ve got a problem. Smoking should not be more important than staying safe of walking in the right side of the law.

Look at it this way, if you work in a place where drug use is absolutely prohibited, and you’re sneaking into the break room to smoke a joint every couple of days, you’re putting your livelihood at risk. That’s not something a person without an addiction problem would willingly do.

Likewise, take a look at your daily life. How much of your time is devoted to marijuana?

Not just smoking it, but buying it, getting high and then getting sober again. The more addicted you become, the less time you’ll spend in your regular normal state of mind. In fact, depending on the severity of your situation, if you go without smoking for long periods of time you might experience anxiety, depression and irritability. Those are withdrawal symptoms, and it doesn’t just impact you but your relationship with others.

Another thing to keep in mind, is the money spent on weed. Living beyond your means is a dangerous practice that will sooner or later put you in a dire situation. You shouldn’t be spending all your money in marijuana to the point where you’re chronically broke, yet always ready to light up. If it comes to that point, it’s time to ask yourself why has weed become so important in your life that you’re willing to spend all your money in it. Fulfilled individuals have varied interests, they don’t just spend all their time, energies, and resources on escaping their realities.

If you truly can’t face life sober, it’s time to have a long introspective talk with yourself to figure out what’s wrong. And keep in mind that if there are some mental health problems present, marijuana will not make them go away. Weed is no substitute for therapy.