Top Documentaries All About Cannabis

Cannabis has long been in a certain grey area between law and public opinion. Many believe that the drug is in fact debilitating in the long run whilst others believe it’s something of a government conspiracy with the drug actually being not harmful at all. Though the word conspiracy often conjures up tin foil hats and twitchy personalities in this case there is genuine evidence that it really could be true. It’s hard to know what to believe, and though the media is really good at confusing the populous it’s also good at revealing the truths that are otherwise hidden or hard to discover for ourselves. Documentaries in particular are a great example of this and here are few that tackle the subject of marijuana and will hopefully help you decide for yourself what the dead with this drug really is.

Grass – The History of Marijuana

Released in 1999 and directed by Ron Mann, this film looks at the drug from a historic point of view and is a great introduction to the topic. Mann takes a light-hearted approach to the subject matter whilst still managing to relay serious facts and information. It covers how the reputation of the drug was targeted by a propaganda campaign and goes on to explain the consequences that have arisen thanks to Americas “war on drugs”. The film is also narrated by none other than Woody Harrelson which is a bonus.

The Union – The Business Behind Getting High

The Union, releasing 2007 and directed by Brett Harvey is a far more serious take on the subject and also arguably the most informative to date. It follows the films script writer, a man named Adam Scorgie as he learns just how the illegal industry exists in Canada. It has a wide array of interviews and opinions of the topic with guests from all sorts of backgrounds. Economists, politicians, criminologists and doctors (just to name a few) all get their say on the subject.

The Culture High

Another documentary by Brett Harvey, this time released in 2015, The Culture High takes a look at the legalisation of marijuana in the United States and explores the arguments for and against it. This film shows a level representation with arguments both for and against shown. We also see some testimonials from people whose lives have been affected by the decision that are quite touching indeed, whilst on the other hand seeing how the government is profiteering from the trade due to its efforts to control it.

Super High Me

2007’s Super High Me is a much lighter take on the subject. The premise is based on the earlier documentary Super Size Me in which filmmaker Morgan Sperlock ate McDonald’s meals every day for 30 days. This time we are following notorious cannabis consumer Doug Benson as he smoked marijuana every day for the same amount of time. During the course he undergoes several medical tests in order to examine both the effects on his body and his mental wellbeing. This is both funny and intriguing and certainly worth a watch.