Romance vs. Reality: Marijuana Through the Ages

Is there anything that has been more romanticized in recent years than the simple act of smoking a joint?

I’m sure you can find evidence to the contrary, but it is rather undeniable that weed has become an item young adults tend to experience in romantic fashion while discovering new things and a different array of perspectives from the outside world that are different from the ones they were brought up in, and it only stands to reason that we deconstruct these ideas in hopes of understanding why and how these concepts affect our daily lives.

Talking About the Passion

Weed has played a very specific and big role in popular culture, supporting entire artistic movements and social eras, but it is just now that we, as a society, are accepting it as a regular part of some our lives and the dangers of it becoming just a regular, everyday thing certainly takes away from the original allure that some of us felt when first being introduced to the substance in question, and this bears the question: is it always going to stay a popular habit despite it being normalized and institutionalized?

Visceral, passionate speeches about the wonders of marijuana abound in the outside world, and these certainly have permeated the public consciousness in regards to the integration of the drug into our everyday lives, and new young adults to come might not be as intrigued as previous generations were, just taking out the risk factor, but that might also lead to people not being as informed on both the joys and dangers of it, because as we all know, much of the information we have about Marijuana comes from popular knowledge and old sayings that have been passed down generation after generation of young smokers who are just discovering a new, latent substance that can alter their perspective.

Closing in On the Truth

At the end of the day, when all has been said and done, weed is still one of the tools that young people actively use day-to-day for new thrills and escapism, and it is certainly a great one at that, since it is, as we described before, easy to romanticize and idealize when no catastrophic repercussions are in near sight, but maybe that’s kind of the point; we should be allowed to have one thing that may look dangerous, but it is actually quite normal and as our understanding of the drug and its effect on humans grows every day, it’s hard to say no to what could definitely shape up to be a beautiful experience for a teenager or a young adult, so I guess what we’re saying is, a little idealizing never hurt anyone but it is crucial to become increasingly aware of how such a joyous tool can impact your life, from romance, to work, to family life, to other activities that you regularly engage in. Now, back to the question: is there anything that has been more romanticized in recent years than the simple act of smoking a joint? There probably is, but may we never tire of still trying to make it work.