Most pot-friendly Countries Around the World

Since pot became illegal in the 1930’s more and more countries have worked hard to reverse the ruling. Whether as a part of reversing the damage the war on drugs caused in society, decriminalizing recreational use or as an effort to normalize medicinal marihuana, it seems like every year a new country is making marihuana use -if not growth- legal.

Most pot-friendly Countries Around the World

In more than a handful of countries, pot enthusiasts can now light up without fear of fines. There has even been a rise in cannabis tourism with provides showing just as much interest in showing local historical landscapes as in showing off local marijuana strains. This doesn’t mean you can go to your local travel agency (do they still exist?) and ask for their best cannabis tour. Since legality is not widespread and cannabis tourism is still in a grey area (the assumption is that is legal by omission), agencies shy away from advertising this kind of tourism. In other words, you are on your own, so you better make sure you do enough research to stay out of trouble and buy tickets to the right place. Here’s a list of the most pot-friendly countries around the world to get you started:

The Netherlands

Of course, the Netherlands, and more specifically Amsterdam, are going to be at the top of every list related to cannabis tourism. Amsterdam has become famous for its “coffee shops”, trendy little cafes where you can order from an extensive menu of -often overpriced- strains, light up right there and enjoy your high in a safe space.

Though regulated cultivation hasn’t been put in place yet, Holland is known for its superior strains. Consumers can relax knowing that what they’re consuming is safer than what they’d find on the streets if they were buying illegally. All they need to do is find a coffee shop they like and enjoy their time there.

The Netherlands


This tiny South American country was the first to fully legalize marihuana. No small print, no questions asked. You can just roll your joint and head over to the beach, walk around Montevideo or enjoy the soccer culture (did you know they have the most teams per capita in the world?). Basically, you can do whatever you want.


The friendly country is a newcomer when it comes to legal marihuana, though if it were up to them you wouldn’t know it since they don’t want to encourage it or advertise it. Here too you’ll be able to find coffee shops and regulated strains for safe consumptions. The news might bring quite a few more tourists to the country, but it will certainly never conquer the true exciting attraction of the land – merely provide a taste of something different and less exertive.


The Mediterranean country has been making the list of pot-friendly countries for a few years now, but things aren’t really that friendly upon closer inspection. Spain works in a similar way to Amsterdam in that you have to go to a coffee shop. While it’s normal to see people smoking pot in the streets of Barcelona, it’s actually not legal to do so and you could be subjected to fines. Consumption should be done in privacy, and here things get a little bit more complicated. In Amsterdam, coffee shops welcome any person with an ID that wants to come in. In Spain, you might need to apply for membership weeks before your trip, especially if visiting Catalunya where the 2 weeks waiver period is now required for tourists. By all means, visit, but make sure you know the law before lighting up. The local police might not be as tolerant of tourist consumption as they are of locals.

Remember that wherever you go, the key to enjoying your trip is staying safe. That means respecting the law and avoiding dangerous situations. Always keep in mind that even as marijuana becomes more widely tolerated there’s still a lot of stigma in smoking, so be discreet and respectful when lighting up.