Marijuana and Addiction: A Comprehensive View of Perspectives

Ever since the first instance of Marijuana being part of our collective consciousness in popular culture, its addictive qualities have been long debated; studies have been published, tests have been run and countless words have been written, good or bad, about it. The results always yield a similar conclusion; Marijuana is not addictive itself, but certain individuals that are prone to develop addictive personalities can definitely present certain symptoms that align with our mainstream definition of “addition”.

Marijuana as a Gateway Drug

The term “gateway drug” has been used remarkably in weed history, and it stands to reason that there might be some type of true to the fact that culturally and socially, there’s a prevalence to thinking of it as the softest drug, and eventually moving up to trying heavier things. This is, by most historical records, proven to be true; if you try an illicit substance, you’re prone to trying more than just one and if you can take the softer one, there’s a probability that you want to try how far your tolerance will get you in search of the next spark (isn’t that all we’re looking for in the end?), but not all individuals think the same.

The path of addiction through marijuana consumption is wide, and it is near impossible to determine if it will lead you into something else or if you’ll just make it a tolerable, comfortable habit that you take joy from, and the truth is that marijuana probably won’t change your life for the worse the way other drugs are definitely capable of, but it all depends on the person and the mindset of said person.

The Mind Is King, Personality Is Key

If you’re new to the joys of Marijuana and have decided that’s basically how far you’re willing to go, there’s really little reason to persuade you otherwise, and chances are that, depending on your will power, you won’t cross that line by simply partaking in occasional, or even regular but healthy use of weed. The only time you might run into some problems is when you’ve not made up a clear decision on how you want to proceed about certain aspects of your life such as your drug intake, be it nicotine, caffeine or alcohol. Even though there are certain personalities that are prone to addiction, a lot can be done from your own willpower and perspective to not let yourself fall into the same patterns that have used and abused others before, and the decision to be completely aware of what you put into your body is yours and only yours to take.

The stigma related to drugs might come from false advertising and war-on-drugs campaigners that have tried to position that certain drugs are more morally corrupt than others, and even though it is true that some drugs, such as alcohol, can lead you erratic and unpredictable life paths, marijuana is not the all-powerful key that avoids all pitfalls. In truth, you should always be responsible with the use of any substance in order to enjoy it to the fullest and in a safe, comfortable environment. With all this in mind, you can definitely avoid becoming a statistic.