Marihuana: a social inhibitor or a friend maker?

Ethical or moral stance on the consumption aside, it’s necessary to take a look at how our society at large has accepted weed as a normal, everyday thing, where once it was viewed as a potentially shameful phase teenagers and college kids went through. It is with only the most serious of intentions, our duty to determine the effects of weed becoming a normal aspect of our lives, for better or for worse.

The spread of legalization

Private and public dispensers, lawmakers, different states, countries and other items that apply as important factors in the discussion of marihuana in today’s social climate are probably best left alone for practical effects of the conversation, but it’s naturally more apt to ask ourselves: Are our lives continuing to be the same despite constant consumption of soft drugs from friends, family and lovers? Even in our first-hang-out basis our society as welcomed the habit of smoking as potential rite of passage with any sort of relationship that you could build with a person with artistic-leaning interests or just a penchant for having good, old fashioned fun, but is it healthy?

There hasn’t been much in recent years that have addressed the psychological implications of relating to one another via weed, which is inherently different than relating to one another with a long-socially approved drug such as alcohol. Should we be treating marihuana in the same way? The answer may be a little more complicated than that.

Creating an actively positive environment

The truth is that there’s no one answer for these types of situations and it’s only through rigorous self-analyzing that we can reach a satisfying conclusion to the subject, as we all know it can be such a delicate thing for some folks. Aside from your religious, ethical and familiar backgrounds, the growing interest in weed in our society can definitely affect the way we view each other and how we determine ours interests, but with both the social media and globalization phenomena filling every minute of our lives, it is necessary to encourage stricter views on identity and personality traits in order to create an actively positive environment for the development of our individual path, instead of just merging into one largely unconscious mass of social commentary.

Marihuana may or may not be for you, but its influence nowadays is undeniable and although a side is not to be chosen, we must learn how these topical issues affect the early stages of development for the building of our own identity and socialization, and to encourage positive creation of relationships that will nurture free will in the decision-making process, aside from what the social collective may do or don’t do, even if it costs us more than a few decades to get there and even if it may be hard to reconcile our individual views with the grander scheme of things. We are one in the same and substances, at the end of the day, are recreational tools that we can decide to use in a positive way.