Latin Trap and Marijuana: A Match Made in Heaven?

Let’s face it: our Latino culture has never been upfront about its Marijuana use (probably because Latina mothers would scold us in a heartbeat) but the advent of the Latin trap phenomenon has certainly changed things around for the better this time. Adopting what is definitely a custom influenced by Anglo Trap music, Latin trap, grounded in Caribbean experiences and stories, certainly tells a different, but at the same time similar kind of tale. Let’s explore that, shall we?

Ser Bichote

One of the big players in Latin trap at the moment is the artist known as Bad Bunny, a gigantic force of catchy rhythm interplay in his vocal phrases, the closest we have to the best MC in town, speaking in distinctly Latino terms, and he often references his constant Marijuana use for profit, and although it may seem like a cheap move to some, it is really an artist capitalizing on what has been known for a long time but ultimately hidden from public view, which is Latin culture love for weed. If you did not grow up around it, let me circle back and explain it to you through apples and oranges; Latino culture tends to be more conservative and demanding than the culture in Anglo-speaking countries, which is far more centered on the individual self than some idea of family or people as a group, but at the same time, this very specific trait has neglected our wilder instincts, even though they’ve always been perceived if not widely detailed in popular culture, and to have a guy like Bad Bunny, who willfully presents himself as a momma’s boy gone bad, is something all Latinos can identify with; let’s party hard and keep toking all night, but don’t you dare forget visit your mother on Sunday before she leaves for church, even if you know you’re going to go with her (assuming you’re not the religious type).

The Space for All

It is mildly ironic that these words are being written in English considering that we’ve gone down a very different route that some Anglo speakers might not be that interested in, but the recent upheaval in transforming the globalization phenomenon into an equity signifier has lead us here; to the place where we stand today. Let’s all just take a deep breath and marvel at that for a moment and yes, you are allowed to smoke. We’ve finally reached the point in which our cultural rules seem to be crumbling down and we, Anglo and Latino individuals, might not be as different from each other as we thought, at least in terms of weed intake!