Debunking the Myth: A Philosophical Explanation for Weed’s Inspiration in Art Forms

We’ve heard the old tales; someone starts smoking weed and suddenly they begin obtaining a sense of creativity never before reached in their lives, and suddenly this person is creating masterpieces left and right, be it exploring a new sound through music, new textures through painting or writing stories at a frenetic pace with sharp precision, but sometimes the truth is more complicated than what it seems. If it is such a magic drug for creativity, then why doesn’t everybody do it and become the next sensation in whatever art field they move through? The answer is not simple, but we will try our best to provide some kind of empirical, philosophical explanation for it.

More Rational Truths

Truth is, weed isn’t bound to make anything in your life more exciting by itself, as you well know it is a drug that amplifies sensations and that can either be a good or a bad thing depending on what you’re looking for and, although it seems only logical to think that an artistic mind will only grow to be more creative when marihuana is brought to the equation, it is far from the truth, as it can actually restraint the cognitive processes that result in your art work.

Art is more rational than what people think it is, and usually comes almost entirely from the subconscious, which can be easily manipulated by any number of substances at any given time, but the more practical, analytic part of your brain that concentrates on the technical aspects of your skill, usually jumps out the window the moment you’re not completely sober and in control of all the functions of your body and mind.

This reasoning is usually amiss when people exalt the drug’s rewards for creativity and probably goes to the show that the rule “write high, edit sober” is the most applicable thing here; do not be mistaken, if weed has never worked for you in other instances, chances are it’s not going to work for you in a creative mindset, but you can definitely still try to take advantage of the more visceral aspects of your thoughts under the influence and then just trim the fat once you can finally come to your senses and be aware of what’s going on around you enough to use put your abilities to the test.

Final Considerations

It might never be an universal truth, but it is always good to reminder that creativity doesn’t come from the same place for everybody and enhancing your creative juices depends entirely on the type of life you decide to choose for yourself and what type of work you’re trying to accomplish in your field, and aside from being a good recreational and medicinal tool, it is not probably going to elevate the quality of your work without you having the need to put in the work that is required in order to maintain a steady workflow of constant ideas shooting to become your next big project.