Cannabis Products Hitting the Market – Part 2


Drinks that are infused with CBD may not be quite as present in the current market as beauty products but it’s only a matter of time before they will be. There are currently already a wide variety of different beverages laced with the stuff. There are a few bars in Los Angeles in which CBD cocktails are becoming more popular as well as several breweries that are infusing their beers with the stuff. The popularity will likely take off if and once legalisation covers the majority of the United States. There are also many coffee shops across the globe that are selling cannabis coffee, made to both perk you up and chill you out at the same time. Not to mention the milk alternative, hemp milk, which is available in many places as a healthy replacement to the white stuff.

Chocolates and Sweets

Chocolates and other sweets treats are a tough market for cannabis infused products simply due to its connection to young children. That beings said there are still products out there to help you either to get your CBD hit of even if you’re looking for the full effects of the drug in form that doesn’t require you to smoke it (where legal of course). One of the most accessible products in this category are the cannabis gummies which have become quite popular in legalised states. Though they are still in an unregulated stage its easy enough to find CBD gummies, even at your local gas station. For stronger doses of the drug there are several chocolate products such as Défoncé and Kiva that will give you the classiest high on the market too.


With all these different ways to consume the product it’s easy to forget that for many people CBD is medicine designed to help them with illnesses and ailments. As mentioned before perhaps the easiest way to take this product is through the form of a capsule tablet. This is a much better option for those who aren’t looking at having a snack or an alcoholic beverage with their dose. Allotted stores usually sell both CBD oil and cannabinol (CBN) oil in this form. Simpler and just as effective as any other method here, even if it isn’t quite as much fun.

Dog Treats

I’ve saved this product until last simply because it’s still something of a controversial topic as well as a product that still requires plenty of research into it. But yes, there are treats for dogs that contain CBD, supposedly offering those same benefits to your pooch too. These products claim to help treat cancer, osteoporosis, epilepsy, joint pains and even anxiety in dogs however a lack of research does not allow us to confirm the validity of these claims. These are currently politicians in USA that are trying to legalise prescriptions for pets however so it is likely that we will know more in time. Currently you can purchase products such as tinctures and dog treats that come in a variety of flavours.