Cannabis Products Hitting the Market – Part 1

Cannabis is something of a tricky subject in many places across the globe. In some places it’s legal to use the substance freely whilst in other only for medical purposes and in some places, it isn’t legal at all.

Over the past few years we’ve seen the substance become more accepted and legalised throughout certain western cultures, this has led also to the legalisation of research into the drug which is providing us with new products across the market that contain the benefits without the intoxicating effects that are usually associated with it. These products are quickly gaining popularity and are taking shape in many forms, lets take a look at some of these products in which cannabis-infusion seems to be taking off so well.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is the product that makes all of the others possible. Cannabidiol oil (better known as CBD) is essentially a substance in which the traces of THC have been significantly lowered, removing the psychoactive reactions that are associated with weed. This means instead it concentrates on its potentially more desired effects like pain, nausea and anxiety relief amongst others. CBD doesn’t just relieve these common issues though, it can also be used when treating other conditions such as depression, sleep issues, pain relief, cancer treatment and perhaps most consistently to help epilepsy patients. The substance can be taken in various ways to best suit you, the simplest perhaps being the capsule tablets which you can take with water, there is also e-liquid for a vape pen, tinctures which you drop under your tongue or you can simply buy the oil and drop it on your tongue when needed.

Beauty and Skin Care

As the product has become more widespread it has also been marketed to sectors which were seen to have the least contact with the drug previously in hopes of maximising its potential. Arguably the most effective results of this strategy were found amongst suburban women in the US. Beauty and skin care products infused with cannabis began to take off in a big way and spread far beyond suburban communities. These products boast benefits that their ‘sans hemp’ counterparts do not, things like fighting acne, pain relief, hydration and simply a feeling of euphoria. Products have gone far beyond simple balms too, you can now get lotions that provide clearer skin, bath bombs that help to relax and even body washes, mascara and lip balms that contain it too. As well as the aforementioned benefits of the products they are also said to have anti-inflammatory properties which are caused by cannabinoid receptors within the skin. Different products each have their own effects which will be advertised on their container, most of which focus on CBD and its health benefits. That being said there are certain products which contain larger traces of THC, these are available usually in dispensaries in the US.